Body Rebalance is a whole body workout that focusses on strengthening your core and stabilising muscles. It is based on Pilates principles to help improve muscle strength core strength, balance and correct postural imbalances. A qualified Occupational Therapist will identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses.... find out more>


Occupational Therapists use a number of neuromuscular techniques, such as trigger point therapy, stretching, strengthening, education and correct ergonomics to change muscle memory which allows for smoother fibro- alignment and improved muscle function. Occupational Therapy can .....find out more>


It is important to have a well-designed workstation and correct sitting posture to reduce and prevent potential problems and work related injuries. A Work Station Assessment in the workplace is completed by a qualified occupational ......find out more>

West Coast Occupational Therapy is conveniently located in the northern suburbs in Joondalup and centrally at 59 Aberdeen St Northbridge. West Coast Therapy offers Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy, Workstation Assessments, Body Rebalance and services directed to the Corporate Sector. West Coast Occupational Therapy is beneficial for maintenance of good health and well- being, as well as the treatment for existing injuries. ..find out more>
"Even when I sustain other injuries like a stiff-neck, I am able to get fast recovery results with a few OT treatments.  Thank you West Coast Therapy!  I can definitely highly recommend them!"    Karin.





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