Will I feel pain after the treatment?

Clients may feel post-treatment pain for the first 12-24 hours due to the release of the chemicals, that were causing the tightness and adhesions in muscles, into the bloodstream.



Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain after the treatment?

Follow your occupational therapist's advice of stretches and exercises, and drink water post-treatment.



How is OT soft tissue treatment different to other health professions?

Occupational therapy is a hands-on profession that takes a holistic approach to client care considering occupations and life roles. Treatment aims at empowering clients to manage their own health.



When can I expect results?

Generally it takes between 3-4 weeks to gain permanent results and muscle memory changes. However, symptom relief can happen as muscles release in the first couple of sessions.


How often do I have to come for treatment?

Everybody is different therefore treatment programs are tailored to the individual. Initially it is best if treatment is closer together to prevent muscles from going back to old habits. As soon as changes start to happen, clients treatments are spaced to a maintenance level so their bodies take responsibility, rather than relying on treatment.


What should I wear to my appointment?

Clients should wear comfortable loose clothing for their treatment. As we treat through clothing, please avoid jeans and thick fabrics where possible.



Who can benefit from OT?

Everyone can, whether you have a specific injury or concern, want to improve in a desired activity, or if you would just like to improve your general function and overall wellbeing soft tissue therapy can benifit you!