West Coast Occupational Therapy is involved in the rehabilitation process for those that have experienced injury or pain from a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Treatment focuses on reducing inflammation, improving movement, decreasing pain and creating permanent muscle cell changes and healing. Injuries can vary in severity and impact on quality of life, the OT’s at West Coast enable muscle change and healing to occur through a variety of techniques and processes.



MVA claims are funded by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. Drivers and passengers not at fault are usually covered for OT treatment funded by the Insurance Commission WA.  A referral from your General Practitioner (GP) is required to be able to commence the treatment process and for payment to be processed through ICWA. Alternatively treatment can commence without a referral, the client will pay for the treatment and then the ICWA will refund.



Please note if the driver is at fault the ICWA will not cover treatment.