Soft Tissue


Occupational Therapy in the area of soft tissue rehabiliatation focusses on the occupational limitations concerned with soft tissue function. Soft tissue is an umbrella term that encompasses the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Soft tissue injuries may occur from a single incident such as a car accident or sporting injury, or due to accumulative factors over a number of years such as poor posture, emotional stress or hormonal imbalances. Treatment involves a hands on approach to work through muscle tension and injury, restore normal movement patterns and prevent further injury. find out more>


Body Rebalance


Body Rebalance is a whole body workout that focusses on strengthening your core and stabilising muscles. It is based on Pilates principles to help improve muscle strength core strength, balance and correct postural imbalances. A qualified Occupational Therapist will identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses that are contributing to decreased muscle function, muscle pain and poor posture. find out more>


Workstation Assessment


It is important to have a well-designed workstation and correct sitting posture to reduce and prevent potential problems and work related injuries. A Work Station Assessment in the workplace is completed by a qualified occupational therapist who will visit and ergonomically adjust the workstation and provide further recommendations to help relieve muscular pain and headaches, enhance a safe working posture and to maximise efficiency and productivity. find out more>