Body Rebalance: Conditioning, Toning & Core

Body rebalance is a whole body workout that focuses on strengthening your core and stabilising muscles. It is based on Pilates principles to help improve muscle strength core strength, balance and correct postural imbalances. A qualified Occupational Therapist will identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses that are contributing to decreased muscle function, muscle pain and poor posture. A number of exercises may be used to strengthen weaker muscle groups and relax tight muscle groups in order to correct and improve posture and muscle performance.


Session generally run on a one on one basis to assess correct activation of muscles is occurring. Sessions are individually tailored to needs and assessment findings. Sessions are claimable through private health insurance.


 The goals of Body Rebalance are:


  • Empowering the core
  • Correcting poor postural patterns
  • Strengthening and toning stabilising muscles
  • Create understanding of the musculoskeletal system
  • Dynamic strength





  • Understanding of good versus bad posture and biomechanics
  • Activating the correct muscles
  • Postural rebalance and improvements
  • Reduction in pain from poor posture
  • Functional changes to use in day to day life
  • Workout – tone and strengthen to a leaner and healthier you
  • Happier, healthier muscles and nervous system
  • Assisting in recovery from injury and injury prevention